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WhatsApp Business- What Is It and What Are Its Features?

There is probably no one who has not heard about the app called WhatsApp. But what many of us may not have heard is that WhatsApp also has a separate application that can be used only for business purposes. If you are one of then the Internet has brought you to the right place. Here you can take a look at what exactly WhatsApp business is and how is it different from the regular WhatsApp app. We all have a basic idea about it, but lets get a bit more briefly into the details. Ready? Here we go!

About WhatsApp Business:
... WhatsApp from Facebook provides us with a Messenger app via which we can be connected with our friends and family even from a distance. But what about our colleagues? Do you not feel that it would be a more convenient choice to have a separate application just for your professional life? Well, thats exactly what this application does for you. WhatsApp business gives you a platform where you can deal with your colleagues or customers more efficiently. This is an especially good option if you have two different numbers for professional and personal uses. You can then have both WhatsApp Messenger as well as WhatsApp business installed in your phone, registered with two different numbers.
Features of WhatsApp Business:
WhatsApp business has various features that appeal to the users of the application. Lets take a look at some such features which help the app to keep on building others businesses as well as its own.
Have your business profile: You can have a business profile on this application. If you are opening your start-up this could be a turning point as you could reach out to so many people so easily via your WhatsApp account. You could put up necessary and important information such as the link to your business website or your contact information on this profile.
Get most out of both the apps: WhatsApp Business allows you to keep using WhatsApp Messenger from the same device. What you must have are two different mobile numbers that you can use during and for registration.
Using the WhatsApp web: You can make use of the WhatsApp web and very easily reach out to your clients and customers. The fast responses cod do a great deal of good to your flourishing business.
Away or greet message: You can provide a message that has been previously set by you for times when you could be away from your phone or spending some me-time. This is known as an away message. You could also preset a message for when the client texts you for the first time by a greeting message. Striking a balance between your professional life and your personal life is what matters. WhatsApp Business helps you to do exactly that. That too in a free and easy way.

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