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WPS Office

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WPS Office - Free Office Suite for Word, PDF, Excel

The use of mobile phones is not limited to clicking pictures and playing games, but nowadays mobile phones solve so many other purposes too. You can use your smartphone as an e-wallet, document holder, and what not. Storing documents has become an essential use of mobile phones and that is the reason why it is important to have an office suite application on your phone. Working with WPS Office is going to be the most right choice you can ever make and to know why to read ahead.

About WPS Office
... WPS Office was earlier known by the name Kingsoft office. It is an office suite developed for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. The developer of this application was Kingsoft which is a software development company from Zhuhai, China. It comprises three major components namely, WPS Writer, WPS spreadsheet, and WPS presentation.  The basic version of this application is free and can be used without paying a single penny. , there is a professional level version which can only be used if you have a subscription to this application. The WPS 2016 version was launched in the year 2016. Till 2019, the Linux version has been developed and aided by a supportive community and not Kingsoft. There are over 310 million users who use this application every month.
Features of WPS Office
There are some specific features of the WPS Office Suite application which are talked about below:
  This powerful office suite can run very smoothly on your Android device. It has high compatibility with MS Office 365( Excel, PowerPoint, Word), Google Sheets, Google docs, Google Sheets, OpenOffice, and Adobe PDF. It can also be integrated with Spreadsheet, PDF Presentation and Document.
Edit, scan, edit, convert PDF
It provides you a free PDF reader, which makes it easy for you to view, open, share, and comment on any PDF located anywhere on your device. You can also make the free conversion to all kinds of office docs like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Text to PDF. It lets you scan all paper documents and you can change images to PDFs. It is supportive of PDF annotation, PDF Signature, PDF merge, PDF split, etc. You can also add or remove a watermark very easily in any PDFs.
Other functions
  You can reduce the size of a file, extract it, and merge many files. It also lets you remove ads and share the bookmarks for the saved documents. It lets you recover files and repair them. You can change pictures to documents, sheets, and PPT. The reading background can also be edited or changed.
Create presentation
You can find several kinds of layouts, transition, and animation effects in this application. You can also create PowerPoint with a lot of other options.  This was all you need to know about the WPS Office- Free Office Suite For Word, PDF, Excel. You can download this app and complete the installation process to start using it. It is a very reliable application that can be used safely.

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