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Tokopedia - Waktu Indonesia Belanja Shopping Festival
Do you want to use a website where buying and selling become easier? One where you will be able to customize the arrival time of your package? Then Tokopedia is the one you should choose. This website was created to ensure that businesses have an easier time reaching customers and buyers can get a variety of products at lower prices. But that's not all. There's more to Tokopedia....

About Tokopedia
Tokopedia was created in 2009 to be an e-commerce company. More specifically, its founders wanted to democratize commerce using this tool. So they began in the marketplace business and then soon grew into a company that is involved in payment, fintech, logistics, and retail business as well. Know that the name Tokopedia was made after combining two words. One is 'Toko' which means 'shop' and the other is 'encyclopedia.'

Features of Tokopedia
Waktu Indonesia Belanja
'Waktu Indonesia Belanja' is a monthly shopping opportunity that began in July 2020. In this festival, Indonesians will be able to buy the needed essentials at lower prices while also experiencing a unique shopping experience.
There is a business platform that can be utilized by both buyers and merchants. Know that as of October 2020, the Tokopedia marketplace contained 350 million-plus products put up for sale in it from a whopping 9 million-plus merchants. So Tokopedia users will be able to virtually whatever they want on here. Note that along with this there are official stores given to brands for selling their specific goods as well.
Know that using Tokopedia you will be able to get the digital wallet facility using which you will be able to pay for the things you buy from there. Not to mention the fact that apart from this, you will also get affordable investment options and virtual/digital credit-cards options. If you are a merchant on the app, then you will be able to get merchant loans too. Along with this, there are insurance and other financial products available here as well, which are accessible to all people.
Choose arrival time
A really useful feature of Tokopedia is that you will be able to choose the arrival time of your package. Of course, it has to be accommodated by the logistics providers as well, but this is a service that you won't be able to get even in major e-commerce services. It was found that in 2020, this facility was able to reach around 98% of all districts in the country.
Mitra Tokopedia
This is a Tokopedia app that allows everyone to sell products there. Mitra Tokopedia was specifically created for small businesses like stalls, grocery stores, and individual sellers. Using this app, they will be able to reach a wider audience and earn more by selling their products. Do note that these businesses will be able to sell electricity tokens, game vouchers, and data packages on here as well.Tokopedia is a website for the people. It was made to ensure that buying and selling become easier so that people can get what they want easily. As such, it is a beneficial tool for businesses and buyers alike. The former can reach a wide base and the latter can buy at fair or lower prices.

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