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Star Maker: Sing free Karaoke, Record music videos
Every one of us has a hidden singer within ourselves. And, we just need the right platform to sing songs of our choice. Star maker is one such application that provides you karaoke to sing and is showcased by both the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore. You can download this application right away from the Google Play store if you are having an android device and in case you have a device running on IOS, you can download this application from the Apple Appstore. To know more about this excellent music application, read ahead:...

About Star Maker
Star maker is an outstanding application that lets you sing songs of your choice and it has a music community that features over 50M users from different parts of the world. You can sing karaoke songs for free and make many friends through this singing application. Be it hip hop music or pop, R&B, or folk music all you need to do is choose your favourite song from the millions of choices you get. You can also sing along with other members of the community. The sound quality offered on this application is genuinely high quality with rolling lyrics. You can even edit your song recordings with different sound effects and video filters and then, these song recordings can be shared to various social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
Features of Star Maker
Let us look at some excellent features of this application that make it stand apart from the rest:
Sing duets
This application lets the users sing together with popular music artists and also with a group of friends, family members, and anyone else from any part of the world. The only requirement is both of you must be members of the singing community on this application.
You can also broadcast or share your song recordings on greater platforms and win a lot of likes and fans which can make you feel confident about your singing.
Song variety†
You can find millions of songs on this application and you can choose your favourite song from any genre you like. Both regional as well as international songs can be found on this platform.
Sound quality
The quality of sound that you get on this application is high and you can record your songs in HD quality music. This is a very important feature that makes it unique from the rest of the singing apps.
This feature allows the users to sing their favourite part of any song. Sometimes, there is a certain part of a particular song that goes on in our mind and we cannot stop thinking about it. With this feature, you can sing a specific part of any song you like.This was all about Star Maker that must be known to the users before they download and start using it. There are a lot of other exciting features this application has and you can use it safely because it has no security issues.

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