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Stack Ball

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Stack Ball - Blast through platforms

DDo you like arcade games? If you are someone who enjoys playing arcade games then we have a game that you can install on your phone and play whenever you want. It is called a stacked ball. It is super fun and easy to play and is great for little gaming sessions when you feel the need to take a break. If you are interested and are already thinking as to if you should or should not download it, we would tell you to give it a shot. But why just listen to us? Go ahead and take a look at what you good expect from the game yourself.

About Stack Ball
... The game is pretty simple then you look at it first or even read about its gameplay. All you have to do is to smash and bounce your way through various obstacles. Each level would end when you reach your goal. It is quite simple to look at but always will keep on challenging you throughout the game. This is what attracts many people towards the game period, even though it looks simple and has simple gameplay to understand, only after you have practised at a lot can you master it. Moving into the game, letís take a look at how to play it. As we keep saying, it is pretty simple to understand. Your ball keeps smashing through columns of coloured platforms. Your role here is to look out for the black spots on the platforms it is smashing through. Otherwise, those would be the reason for your fireballís doom.
Features of Stack Ball
The game has some amazing features. Letís take a look at some of those features which will make your gaming sessions yet more fun.
Immense speedThe fireball smashes through the platforms with amazing speed. This gives a certain spontaneity and vigour to the game. This also results in the player's enhanced involvement and concentration.
Fun graphicsThe graphics of the game are quite bright and vibrant. They help in making the game look fun and attract the eyes of the player as well.
Good time killerSThe game has the potential to get you involved in it and hoped to it in no time due to its vibrant graphics and simple and easy and yet engaging gameplay. If you are getting bored or maybe need a bit of relaxation time from your work, then you know which option to go for.
Easy to understandThe game does not require you to use much of your brain energy. It is just a simple game too hope you relax and pass your time. Sometimes we do desperately need a break from our work. Stack ball is a game which you can play during that time. It is easy to download, easy to play, and does not take up much of your phone memory either. Is there anything that is not desirable about the game?

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