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REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum

Do you want to feel the thrill of real drumming? But don't have space or money to get a full real drum set in your house? Then try out the Real Drum app. With the help of this app, you will be able to learn real drumming and that too with just one touch. But there's a lot more than this app comes with, which helps with real drumming.

About Real Drum
... Using this app you will be able to have fun drumming while you learn how to do it as well. After all, you just need to use your fingers as drumming sticks. Note that to make it easy for you to learn to drum, this app comes loaded with 60 different kinds of video tutorials to make learning easy. But that's not the only feature of this app. So let us get to know about it all.
Features of Real Drums
Real Drums is a great app where you will have fun drumming while also learning various techniques that will help you with real-life drumming. So let us get to know about the various features of this app.
Different stylesIn Real Drums you will learn how to play in 33 different kinds of styles. With this variety, you will be able to jam along easily to various kinds of styles. As such, it will be double the fun.
Customize your drumsYou can use images as well as sounds to customize your drums. After all, the fun in using virtual drums is the ability to simply be able to shape it how you want. Note that along with this you will also be able to use the personalized kits which are released every week.
Choose from different layoutsOne of the best parts of using this app is that you will be able to choose from various kinds of layouts. These layouts are for bass drums, cymbals, as well as pedals. Note that all in all you will be able to play with 13 different kinds of instruments here. Also, you don't have to worry about the sound. All the instruments will make realistic sounds.
Record and play sampleThe best part of Real Drum is that you will be able to record the sound you want and then make a sample with it. Note that with the help of this feature you will be able to make a simple but solid base and then play it with another rhythm. Creating rhythms are easy as well since there are more than 60 you can already choose from. Know that you can still play drums over it and create your sounds. Real Drum app is one of the most entertaining apps to make use of. You will be able to play the sounds you want without disturbing your neighbors or worrying about a drum set taking up space in your home. Also, you will have fun customizing the sounds and drums you want.

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