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Puppy Town- Merge and Win

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Puppy Town- Merge and Win

All of us at some point in time had wanted to own a puppy. Sadly, while many of us succeeded in living the dream, many of us were there who failed to do so. We could not own a puppy back then when we wanted to for whatever reasons. But, we have something to lift your mood. This is a game where you can own your puppies (yes, plural) and even merge them with others to further your collection. The game is called Puppy Town and super simple to play. Want to know more about the play? Then read on and see what is the one thing that attracts people toward the game except for the fact that it has lots of puppies in it.

About Puppy Town
... The game is a pretty simple one. It involves your morning a bunch of puppies and then marching it with the others. But what is the goal of the game? The aim of the game is for you to earn money via merging your puppies with the others. You can easily download the game from the play store. You can search for it on the play store and download and install it on your phone immediately. It does not take up much of your phone storage either. One of the disadvantages of the game is that it has many advertisements. It made us interrupt your gaming experience to a certain extent. But then again the money you get contains a fair amount in it. Makes the advertisement worth it, donít you think.
Features of Puppy Town
The game pretty much has a basic set of features. Nothing too extravagant is supremely better than the other games, nothing was either. Letís see what are some of the characteristic features of the game.
Earn money
One of the best and prominent features of the game is that it lets you earn money by just merging your puppies. The amount you earn is not quite low either. People who have played the game have reviewed that they have earned almost hundreds of dollars or more from the game.
Vibrant graphics
The bright graphics of the game make it fun and exciting to play. Even adults would enjoy its simple charm.
Simple to understand
Most of the games are quite difficult to understand for people who are not quite well acquainted with the gaming world or the world of technology. But with this game, they would not have such a problem. It can be understood in the first or at most the second attempt itself.
Easy to install
The game is available on the play store. You do not have to install it on your phone separately. You can just tap on the app option on the play store and download it. Except for the fact that it contains too many advertisements, there is almost nothing that one can complain about in puppy town. Be it for the money, or all the different breeds of puppies in it, this game is worth a fair shot.

  • Category: Casual
  • Latest Version: 1.5.8
  • Publish Date: 2021-01-20
  • Offered By: MeetJoy Studio
  • Available on:

  • Requirements: Android 5.0+
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