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PixelLab- Text on pictures

Who does not like to add a bit of glitter to their images? This is especially important when you are to post something on your social media. That place is filled with Barbies and Kens. Why should you not have your share of the limelight too? Some little edits here and there could help you with that to a great extent. Pixellab helps you with that. It is an app that allows you to edit your pictures in a fun and witty ways by adding texts and filters to them. This app is one of the best that you can use out of the genre of such apps. Why?! Well, we have the answer ready for you just a few scrolls away!

About PixelLab
... There plenty more apps like Pixellab out there. But then why are we talking about this one app in such detail. Well, that is because none of them match up to this one's level. It is easy to handle and has an immense collection of editing options for your pictures. The app lets you add texts (yes, even the 3D ones), or stickers or shapes, and even other pictures to the pictures you want to post or maybe just keep in your gallery. This gives and lifts the element of fun in your picture and also add a bit of glamour and wit to the pictures. With the help of the app, you can make stunning graphics. There are several options that you could use as your background of the picture. There are options that you can customize for yourself using your creativity and imagination.
Features of PixelLab
The features of the app are pretty simple and basic. The number of options and the flexibility that they have is however unique to Pixellab. Let's take a look at some of the salient features of the app.
Numerous effects:You can put the effect you want on your image. There are several options when it comes to the backgrounds and the only thing that can go wrong here is you getting puzzled over which option to choose. There are just so many!
Effects on texts:Not just the pictures, Pixellab lets you put desired effects on the text that you introduce into your image. You can make the texts in 3D or put on them any effect that you want.You can also change the font of the text and choose from the wide set of options put up for you.
Easy to download:The app is available on the play store. All you have to do is to visit the play store and click on the download button. Once downloaded, wait for the app to get installed and then start enjoying its free services.
Collection of stickers:The collection of stickers of the app is again something that you would not get just anywhere. You can introduce any sticker from the plethora of stickers that are offered to you by the app. You can use more than one sticker in a single photo. It is all up to you! There are similar apps that provide you with similar facilities. But Pixellab has succeeded inserting itself apart from all of them.

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