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Pinterest: The Photo App For Everyone

Pinterest is an app that everyone might not have heard of but you must have heard of the term 'Pinterest boards' for sure. On these boards, you will get a collection of aesthetically pleasing pictures. Note that these boards can be personalized or used to maintain a list of aesthetically relevant pictures on them. It can be customized a lot to get the results one wants.

About Pinterest
... Pinterest can be best described as a social media and image sharing service based in America. Here you will be able to save the pictures you like on your board. Such boards or the pictures in your board can be easily saved by others as well. Note that this app was created to be a catalogue full of ideas that inspires people to go out and get that thing done. Currently, Pinterest has a huge fashion profile and due to its emphasis on pictures, it has been described as a good visual search-engine as well.
Features of Pinterest

Use pins and boardsWe were talking about the boards above, but let us elaborate on that more by starting with pins first. Know that pins are referred to as an image that has been linked properly to a website. Not that it can be uploaded too. Pins that are saved from another user's board can indeed to saved easily to someone else's. This process is called re-pinning. Note that a board can have different kinds of sections that contain more pins as well. When you follow a user then that person's board becomes a part of your home feed.
Upload videosYou will be able to upload clips easily on Pinterest as well. Know that these clips can be of any kind of length at all. So along with pictures, you will be able to access videos as well.
Easy to useMThe app is very easy to navigate. When you will open the app after creating your account, you will get bombarded with lots of boards and images, but it is very easy to search for what you want on here. Not only the search feature, but uploading or saving something is easy as well. You can customize your account easily too.
Trending pinsYou will be able to see the kind of pictures or boards which are trending in your area. So you will always be updated about the latest fashion fads or travel destinations which users are searching about. Pinterest is known as the app for fashion-loving people and shoppers nowadays. But note that you will find a lot of variety here. You will get to search for any kind of image you want. Note that you can search for cars, manga, comics, and such and get great results back. So there is something for everyone in here no matter what niche you search for.

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