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PUBG Mobile- Cyber Week
PUBG mobile has brought some latest updates to its game. If you are a person who loves action-packed games, then without a doubt Pubg has been one of your favourite games ever since the launch of its first installment. If you have not yet heard about its latest update then here you have it. We are going to talk about its latest update today with a special mention of the new features it has brought in with it. Excited already? Then check out the brief details of the game we have put down for you just below!...

About PUBG Mobile
PlayerUnknown's Battleground, or as it is commonly known and called PUBG is a battle royale game. It is an online multiplayer game. The gameplay of the game is simple. The last man standing wins. Throughout the game, you have to keep yourself alive and focus on killing your opponents at the same time. You can either enter the game solo or in a team of four. Four is the maximum number of teammates that you can have.Cyber Week does not have many alterations in terms of the gameplay. It does, however, have some additions to the already awesome and existing features of the game. If you want to find out then read on. The next segment is all about some of the features of the game that make the game worth playing.

Features of PUBG Mobile
PUBG has been one of the favourite games of gamers for a long time now. Its popularity has but only gone up in the last few years that it has been played. What are the features which are responsible for its steady growth and popularity? Here we have listed some of them. Check them out!
Gifts and more:
One of the latest updates in the game is that you can receive gifts for playing and winning the games. This update is available across the world no matter where you reside.
Excellent graphics:
The graphics of the game have become yet more updated and give a feel of realism in the game. The graphics are after all a very important part of the game. If the video quality of a game is not up to the mark half of the vibe is killed.
Amazing weapon collection:
All the installments in the PUBG series are amazing hands down. This one too has a great collection of weapons. As you move further up the levels in the game you can get hold of better and yet better weapons.
The game is free to download. It is not true for most of the games that have such a great base of players and has such amazing theme and gameplay, but then again PUBG is known to stand apart from the crowd.If you were debating as to whether you should or should not try out the latest update then we say that was enough of a debate. It is now time to act and we say you give it a shot. It will be worth it!

  • Category: Free Action GAME
  • Latest Version: 1.2.0
  • Publish Date: 2021-01-06
  • Offered By: Tencent Games
  • Available on:

  • Requirements: Android 4.3+
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