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Messenger Text and Video Chat for Free

If you have Facebook you are bound to have messenger as well. Know that with the help of a messenger you will be able to talk to the people you want. This will allow you to connect to new people you want. As a result, you will be able to reach out to more people easily. But messenger is a lot more than just a platform that allows you to talk to people. To know more read on below.

About Messenger
... Know that Messenger is developed by Facebook and it is a messaging platform. When it was originally developed in 2008, it was meant to be called Facebook Chat but then it was re-branded as Messenger in 2010 before being released as a standalone app in 2011 for both android and iOS. In 2020, the messenger was released for desktop. Know that it can be supported on macOS and Windows 10 easily. Messenger is an app that almost all of us are familiar with. So here are some of the best features of this service.
Features of Messenger

Signup easilyOne of the greatest misconceptions about Messenger is that you need to have a Facebook account to sign up here. But that's not the case at all. You can use the app and sign-up without having a Facebook one at all. You will just need a phone number and name to sign up over here..
No need to be friendsKnow that you can send messages to anyone you want. You don't need to be Facebook friends for that. All you need is for the user to be a part of your contact list. Due to this, you can make friends fast. However, to note that if you message someone who is not in your contact or if you are not in theirs, then the message and go to the spam folder.
See chat headsOne of the best features of this app is that it always notifies you about new messages and who it is from. Note that you will be able to see a circle with the picture of the person who has sent the message to you. Know that you will be able to get this chat head even if the app is closed. So you will always be notified no matter what. This way you won't miss out on important chats and conversations at all.
Do voice callsYou will be able to initiate voice calls on messenger with another person. It won't take any money to call your friend at all. All you will need is plentiful internet data to carry out the calls. Know that you can carry out group voice calls too. Due to this birthday wishes have become easier. Messenger is one of the oldest and yet still the best messaging platform. Some people still use this amazing app to connect with others and even to carry out business formalities. Here you can connect with the people you want easily without facing any navigation issues at all.

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