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Google Meet

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Google Meet - Secure Video Meetings

Google Meet or as it was formerly known- Hangouts meet is one of the commonly used videos and voice calling services. It is developed by the big company Google and comes with lots of impressive features. But before we move on to its features, it's time to know more about the app itself.

About Google Meet
... Google Meet was launched in the year 2017 (March) where up to 30 people could be engaged in a video conferencing call. It was launched as an Android, iOS, Symbian, and web app as well. Note that if you are expecting to go into Google meets and get an upgraded version of the previous Hangout version then you will be wrong. Multiple Hangout features have suffered degradation due to Google Meet. One of those features is the number of chats and viewing attendees. Along with this one can only follow 8 video feeds at the same time. This number is a reduction from the previous number available on Hangout. However, it's not all bad news. Essentially Google Meet is a new app altogether so it comes with new features. Let us know those new ones below.
Features of Google Meet

Secure audio and video callingOne of the reasons why Google Meet is preferred so much is because not only does it allow video and voice calling, but it ensures that the communication is carried out is secure. So there is no need to worry about leaks at all. Note that you will get to carry out such calls either two-way or multi-way as well. As for resolutions, you will be able to video or voice call till 720p.
Noise-cancelingGoogle Meet comes with an audio filter that gets rid of the surrounding unnecessary noise so that you can talk easily. This allows for better comprehension and people don't have to repeat or worry about bad signal strength.
Live captionsIf you are having trouble understanding what is being said due to low internet signal strength or too much noise, then you can just follow the live captions. Know that these live captions are available in 4 widely used languages for now. These are Portuguese, German, French, and Spanish.
Schedule meeting callsYou can schedule meeting calls on a particular date and time by making use of Google contacts as well as Google Calendar both. So you will be to start the meeting at the right time and everyone else can also join no matter what timezone they are in. Another advantage is that you will get a reminder for the meeting as well. Google Meet is a very secure and safe way of carrying out the video as well as voice calls. Not to mention the fact that it comes with various features which makes meetings easier. Know that you will even be able to open various kinds of documents while carrying out a video call. There is truly very few videos calling apps that are as efficient as Google Meet.

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