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CamScanner - Scanner to scan PDF

Mobile phones have not just served the purpose of calling and massaging for us but the camera feature in them has made our work easy. With the help of a camera on the phone, we can now scan documents and also convert them to PDF. There are several apps developed as PDF scanners and one such app is the CamScanner app which lets you scan documents at ease. To know more about this amazing application, read this post till the end.

About CamScanner
... This is an excellent application that changes your phone into a PDF scanner instantly. It is a very powerful camera scanning app with the help of which the camera of your phone changes into a PDF scanner. The files you scan can be easily shared as JPG or PDF. You can also use this application as a document scanner anytime and anywhere. With the help of this app, your phone can be turned into a PDF scanner very easily. It also lets you save, and share the scanned documents with other applications.† The CamScanner app is one of the best scanner apps in India. It changes the camera of your phone to a PDF scanner. The files can be instantly shared as JPG or PDF. This document scanner is a mandatory application for users who have to travel a lot for business needs. With this app, one can send the scanned documents with a lot of convenience on the go. Also, in this document scanning app, the PDF creation doesnít need active internet connectivity which means that you can perform all actions offline.
Features of WhatsApp Business:
WhatsApp business has various features that appeal to the users of the application. Lets take a look at some such features which help the app to keep on building others businesses as well as its own.
Have your business profile: You can have a business profile on this application. If you are opening your start-up this could be a turning point as you could reach out to so many people so easily via your WhatsApp account. You could put up necessary and important information such as the link to your business website or your contact information on this profile.
Features of CamScanner What makes an application get registered in the minds of its users is the features offered by that application. So, here are some amazing features of the CamScanner app:
Unlimited scanning allowed: With this app, you can create as many scans of any documents you want. There are no limits or restrictions on the number of scans you generate. It allows unlimited scanning of any document you want.
Works Offline
This is a very notable feature of this application. It can work even when you donít have an internet connection on your device. You can perform scanning actions offline too.
Easy to open pdf
† The PDF that you create with the help of this application can be viewed with any pdf viewer app other than CamScanner. You just need to export the file to that app in which you want to open.
PDF converter features
There are a lot of pdf converter features that have been added recently to this application. The features include conversion of text to Pdf, images to Pdf, and excel to pdf.
This application lets you protect all the scanned files with the help of a password that can be set. This way, only you get to view the file when you login using the password.† You would want to try the CamScanner app for scanning documents now. You can try your hands once you install it for which you just need to download it from the Google Playstore. If you donít find it on the Google Playstore, you can download and install the Mod apk version of the app from your browser.

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