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Akulaku -Shop On Installment

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Akulaku Shop On Installment Without Credit Card

WHow often has it happened to you that you saw something that caught your eye immediately, but you had to walk away once you took a look at the price tag? We know what exactly goes through your mind then. You just keep wondering as to why do the stuff always have to be so pricey; could you not just pay them in installments instead? Well, if that is your deal, then we have something you would enjoy! Akulaku is an app just for the purpose! On this app, you can buy all the items you want in installments. Want to know more about the app? Read on!

About Akulaku
... This application lets you buy almost any and every item in installments. If you purchase something that you cannot afford the full amount of at the moment you can select the number of installments you want to cover the amount in and buy the product. The interest rate is quite low and the transactions do not require you to own a credit card either. The range of installments varies from 3 to 12 tentatively. It is also super easy to download and get started on the app. All you have to do is to download the app from the play store for free and install it on your phone. Once installed, you have to register for an account on the app. Thereafter, it will ask you to enter a credit limit. After doing the same you can get started on the app and shop for all the things you ever wished for!
Features of Akulaku:
The app without a doubt is one of the best in the market. Let's take a look at the features of the app that make it the best.
Pay in installments: Undoubtedly the best part of using the app is the fact that you can pay in installments. You can buy the product that you want now and then pay for it later. No more unfulfilled dream outfits that you had to put down because of the price tag!
Secured payment process: In the online world, many services claim to provide you with amazing advantages, but turn out to be frauds later. Akulaku is not one of them. Its payment process is completely safe and can be fulfilled in any way you prefer. You can be sure that your money would reach the proper hands via proper means.
Ease of use:The app provides you with a free delivery service. They will deliver the parcel to your doorstep without a pennys cost. Is that amazing or what?!
Free delivery service:The app is easy to handle. Even for people who are not quite familiar with online shopping, this app is not such a turn-off. It has a really simple user interface and is all about customer satisfaction. This app is one that deserves a little space in your phone storage. Its interface is super easy to handle and so are its transaction systems. It also has an amazing collection of products that you could choose from. Not giving the app a fair shot would be quite a loss. So what say?

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