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April 6, 2021
  • TikTok, a name that has been so widely popularised that even kids know how big a deal the app is. With more than 2 million users, the app has created a huge spectacle over social media ever since it came into being in 2016. By 2020 it had touched the highest peak of success being present at almost every household in the world. With the passing of time, the app has spread across the globe like a forest-fire. Not just the teenagers, but the people of all age group are equally attracted to the flame of TikTok like moths. To think of it, apart from being a source of entertainment it also is a goldmine for promoting businesses. Have you not seen ads popping up every now and then in-between your binge-watching of TikTok. That’s how businesses are promoting themselves nowadays. It’s a great way of connecting and engaging with one’s audience. So, if you aren’t already there, its high-time you get your flag on TikTok. In this article, we’ll be discussing the newest and ever-green trends on TikTok so that you can set your marketing camps there and get positive outcomes.

    Influencer Marketing

    Brands and Influencers are literally flooding on TikTok. Think of Influencer Marketing and your mind would straight-away go to YouTube. And why not, YouTube is one of those hubs where people of all age group come to chill. Influencer Marketing has been catching eyes pretty much in these past few years, and TikTok has been one of the most popular platforms for the same. It’s hard to believe that a 2016 born app has become so popular so fast. Independent Influencers as well as popular brands have shifted 35% of their marketing attention to TikTok, and have gained record-breaking results with it. This is one of the TikTok trends that are sure to be on fire even in 2021 (and maybe beyond).

    Social Commerce

    You can totally expect to see more and more Social Commerce in 2021- P.S. It’s rising like crazy! In 2020, TikTok hooked up a partnership with Shopify- a leading eCommerce platform. As per what we’ve heard this collaboration would allow the Shopify merchants to reach TikTok to boost sales. A part of the initiative is to allow the sellers working on Shopify to manage their marketing efforts on TikTok from Shopify directly. This means that apart from creating and distributing content, businesses would be able to monitor and track their performances of TikTok marketing. Also, purchases are going to be streamlined on TikTok, and customers are going to get the opportunity of carrying out in-app shopping with it.A cherry on the top is the fact that Shopify sellers are granted $300 as incentives for their first campaign on TikTok. So, we have all the reasons here to claims that Social Commerce is going to be a trend in 2021 as well.

    Branded Hashtag Challenges

    If you have not come across the term ‘hashtag challenge’ you literally need to be active a bit more on your social media platforms. Every social media platform has its own hashtag challenges and other interesting interactive posts, but TikTok has this amazing craze that contents as such get popularise real soon. Hashtag challenge on TikTok is basically a certain performance that the creator does with a specific hashtag and those who want to join simply perform, record and post the same with the hashtag. This trend has been so much in demand lately that brands have begun making good use of it. Even Universal Picture jumped in this train with the #FindYourMagic challenge to promote its then- upcoming film. This is one of the best ways of creating awareness and gaining attention. This Hashtag Challenge trend is surely going to last beyond 2021

    Video Ads

    Back in 2019, reports tell that consumers spent about 7 hours of their day watching videos. With the pandemic in the surge, this figure must have sky-rocketed by now. This being the ‘new normal’, companies have begun stepping their feet into video marketing via TikTok. In the last two years, the craze of video marketing has jumped from 60% to 85%. With the “TikTok For Business” thing that TikTok came up in May 2020, the trend of video ads is sure to go to another level This tells the need of every business to join the gang.

    TikTok #Memes

    Memes are a part of this modern world. Being out there before the world, you are either an influencer or a meme material. Either way, you are popular. Memes are a really easy way to consume content. They are fun, engaging and really really easy to share. The figures speak for themselves. Consider the #Memes hashtag; you’ll learn that it has been used about 34.4 billion times. So, may it be today or 2021, or even beyond, the trend of memes is not going to go anywhere.

    Celebrities On TikTok

    With the amazing boost in TikTok’s popularity more and more celebrities are stepping into the trend. Hollywood stars to sportsmen; everyone has found their way into the app. So the next time you wish you bring your business into the spotlight, you need to have two aims, celebrities and TikTok. Conclusion There you have the magic, the top 6 trends that are going to stay in 2021 and beyond. With more than 800 million users and more, TikTok is going to be a boon for every business in the near future. Make sure that your business is targeting TikTok as well this session!


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