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April 6, 2021
  • We have reached the digital era a long time ago. It’s would be of no surprise to anybody if I say that we might soon be exchanging memes with people from some other universe. The long waits for taxis are replaced by online cab services, phone calls have shifted to texting, and now with the pandemic in the surge, even schools are running online. Do you still remember the summer evenings of your childhood when a bat and a ball were all that you needed to enjoy? Or maybe, you still are in that age. The 21 st century has simply made our ‘fun’ factor a bit easier. Today, we don’t have to wait for people to play; we can simply turn our PC or any other smart device on and have fun. Video games aren’t any more things that you need to introduce. Every household has at least one person who’s crazy about gaming. And this person doesn’t have to be a kid necessarily; the gamer of today has no age. You can very easily imagine a man in his 60s having a play-time of his own on his favourite video game. Video gaming is a multi-billion-dollar industry which is enjoyed by people all over the world. That’s how amazingly gaming is touching corners of the globe. A research of 2019, by Limelight Networks named ‘State of Online Gaming’ states that the world of gaming has grown almost twice the size it was in 2019. This pretty much indicates the fact that gaming has turned into a mainstream phenomenon today. I won’t even bother stating numbers before you about how many hours a week gamers spend before the screen because obviously, everybody has an estimate here. But the question is, why so much craze? This article will try to bring a few reasons for why gaming or video games are so popular throughout the world.


    Gaming brings this opportunity to the gamer to access it from any place in the whole world. You can sit right at your loo and enjoy a game. The market is bubbling with innumerable games to choose from. One can purchase their choice of game and play it over and over again. Also, there are tonnes of free games available on the internet that one can access and enjoy. All you’d need it a device and an internet connection and you are good to go.

    Real-Time Playing

    Many people think that gamers are loners, while the truth is just the opposite. Gaming in the present-day acts the same way as social media. You can access a game and connect with gamers from all around the world. Gaming brings the opportunity to interact with new people and has loads and loads of fun. This feels pretty much like playing a game at your backyard with someone who lives miles away from you. So easy!

    Enhanced Experience

    Developers all around the globe are working day and night to bring life-like experience for the gamers. Check out any game of 2020 and you’ll find yourself stunned by the amazing graphics that these games have nowadays. It’s no more the Super-Mario generation. As you hold that remote in your hand you’ll find yourself literally sucked into the world of gaming. That’s how brilliant the user experience of video games is today

    To Sum It Up

    Gaming isn’t something the plant that you have to water every day to grow, rather, it’s like weeds in cropland; it fills up the field as it owns it. We are discussing it today and maybe, when you reach this page the next time, the figures would be doubled or more. Let’s not think about why gaming is popular and just download whatever is in the access. Happy Gaming!


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