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Is Telegram Safe? Things To Know Before Downloading

April 6, 2021
  • When we talk of messenger apps, our focus runs straight into Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and some more youth attracting apps. In this list, the mention of Telegram might not even come for a long time. It’s no more than an underdog in the reign of the above-mentioned apps. The Russian App is an innocent platform with a user base of roughly 300 million. If you are learning about Telegram for the first time several questions must be bubbling in your mind. Is Telegram Safe? Does Telegram Record Your Conversations? Is It Encrypted? How Shady Is Telegram’s Privacy Policy? You need not worry about all these anymore. We are here you answer all your questions regarding Telegram, and we hope that by the end of this article all your doubts would be crystal-cleared!

    Is Telegram Encrypted?

    We’ve all come across this roughly-new term ‘encryption’ in the instant messaging apps. While Zuckerburg created apps have begun to come with time to time advertisement of their encryption system, consumers all round the world are slowly getting aware of things like this. Telegram is a Russian app developed by two brothers named Pavel and Nikolai Durov, who are best known for their creation VK, formerly known as VKontakte. What sets Telegram from other messaging apps is its ‘Secret Chat’ option. These secret chats have an end to end encryption while the regular chats are encrypted in Telegram Cloud. Its popularity, especially among the millennial and Gen Z users is what sets it apart from other apps. The two kinds of secure encryption system as per the FAQ of Telegram treat all kinds of data (texts and media) alike, i.e. they are encrypted equally. It has the 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange as security. Furthermore, Telegram uses aforementioned MTProto Mobile Protocol which helps the app developers to obtain a faster and more thorough process of message verification. It also catalyses smooth and silent discarding of invalid or corrupt communication.

    How Does Telegram Process Personal Data?

    The spam and abuse prevention procedure of Telegram involves collecting some personal information including IP address, history of username changes and a little more. This data is stored for about 12 months before getting deleted. So basically, if something were to happen 12 months is more than enough for a malicious third party. But we believe that Telegram is way more dignified a company to let these things happen. Even though people do have faith in the app and are not unaware of things like this, one must always keep in mind what all information he/she is making accessible to the digital world.

    Who Does Telegram Share Your Data with?

    Telegram states in its Privacy Policy that it obviously shares its user’s personal information with the parent company and a group of members who maintain and support the system globally. Apart from this Telegram also shares this personal information to the relevant authorities if the company receives a court order that certain user or information is suspected of terrorism.

    Is Telegram Secure, Then?

    Knowing off of these and keeping in mind the global admiration for Telegram, it is safe for us to say that the app is secure. You need to, however, always have a filter in your mind on which data must and which data mustn’t be posted or shared on digital sites and apps. Telegrams multi-layered encryption is just one of the many ways that are made to make the audience have faith in the app’s security. Would you like to download Telegram Now? If so, download it through the link below!


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